High Cuisine is an idea that was created and inspired by good food and good weed. It is a TV series that features 2 entertaining and engaging, all star chefs, who have changed the landscape of dining by bringing together haute cuisine and mind altering herbs into delectable dishes.





Met chefs Noah Tucker and Anthony Joseph while having dinner at their neighbourhood restaurant at the end of the street. Their food was of such high quality I knew immediately that these guys were not ordinary cooks. We started discussing how to infuse their recipes with cannabis via the use of a vaporizer. From there the idea mushroomed into the full blown High Cuisine concept that we knew would be revolutionary in the culinary world. Pairing high-end cooking with mind-altering substances was something that had never been done before.



They then use it as inspiration for a new dish that is paired with herbs of the gods and serve it to a carefully selected group of adventurous diners. The series can be seen here……https://www.videoland.com/